The Northwest Sign Council strives to provide a variety of meaningful benefits to its members, and opportunities for new and enhanced programs are under continuous review. Your membership gives us strength in fighting adverse sign codes in your area and others.

Current member benefits include:

  • Use of engineering standards for A-1 members.
  • Access to educational programs, e.g. sign electrician training, National Electric Code, crane safety, basic OSHA.
  • Legislative assistance in advocacy efforts with local governments.
  • Membership in the International Sign Association (ISA), a worldwide organization focused on the growth and futherance of the sign industry (sign division members only).
  • Technical resources and product information through vendor networking and NWSC’s membership in the International Sign Association.
  • Networking with other members sharing similar problems and concerns. NWSC currently offers a golf tournament annually in Portland and in Seattle. In addition, an annual membership meeting rotates between Portland and Seattle.

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Local/Custom Sign Company Division – Business primarily engaged in the sale or lease of signs and/or related services to the final user within a local market area.

Architectural Sign Division – Business primarily engaged in design and/or manufacture of sign systems which direct, inform, regulate, and identify as part of a designed environment.

Digital Sign Division – Business, franchisor, licensor, franchisee, licensee or business development company primarily engaged in design, manufacture, installation, education, and/or sale of digitally produced vinyl and/or printed graphics and signage.


Suppliers Division – A wholesaler or reseller of equipment, signs and sign components or any firm engaged in the manufacture and/or sale of signs or sign components, supplies or equipment, including computers and software used in the manufacture, installation or servicing of signs to distributors or sign companies.

Distributors Division – Business engaged in the storage and resale of materials, subassemblies, fabricated components, equipment or software from multiple suppliers to sign companies.

Sign Product Manufacturer – Any limited-product line company and/or their manufacturer representative whose product line is incorporated into the finished product by the sign industry.

Associate Member – Individuals or organizations otherwise not included above. This category includes individuals such as elected officials, city planners, and schools or students.