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Sign Contractors (A-1)

Any contractor required by law to maintain an active contractors license and whose primary business is the manufacture, installation and/or maintenance of on-premise signs.

Sign Company (A-2)

Any company not required by law to maintain a contractor's license in order to engage in the company’s principal business related to the on-premise sign industry. Applicable business and sales tax licenses and Certification of Workers Compensation shall be maintained by the company as required by governing law.

Sign Supplier / Distributor (B-1)

Any multi-product line company whose principal business is the supply and/or distribution of products to the sign industry.

Sign Product Manufacturer (B-2)

Any limited-product line company and/or their manufacturer representative whose product line is incorporated into the finished product by the sign industry.

Associate (C-1)

Any company and/or organization that conducts related business with the on-premise sign industry and whose principal business operations involve consulting services, publications, insurance, trade schools, government entities, and/or other professional associations.