Tuesday, 26 February 2019 21:17

“Women Leading the Industry” Launches

Women Holding Hands

Women aspiring for elevated leadership roles in their companies can join in a new initiative, “Women Leading the Industry.” The new initiative will be launched by the International Sign Association with Sign Builder Illustrated magazine at ISA International Sign Expo 2019.

The inaugural session, "WLI – The Female Leader: Passion, Empowerment and Confidence," will be held Friday, April 26. It will feature a panel of leaders discussing solutions to the issues that challenge women in the industry. The event will be moderated by Ashley Bray, SBI's managing editor. It also will include networking opportunities.

After ISA Sign Expo 2019, WLI and ISA will host ongoing events that encourage professional and personal growth through specific education and networking opportunities. Learn more or register at ISA Sign Expo 2019 at www.signexpo.org/womenleading.