Planners from around the United States recently learned about developing better sign regulations directly from ISA at the APA's 2019 National Planning Conference in San Francisco, CA.

As of February 2019, OSHA requires employers to evaluate the competency of crane operators and their ability to work safely. ISA has released a new resource for ISA members, the Mobile Crane Operator Evaluation Form, that is designed to assist employers with this obligation.
Looking to connect with the next generation of workers? Want to engage with students and schools? Hoping to find a way to promote your business and attract top talent?
ISA Sign Expo 2019 closed with an attendance of 20,600. But the event was about more than numbers, as it provided business-building ideas and products to help sign, graphics, print and visual communications companies deliver innovative and exciting projects
In these times when experienced talent is a rare find, please consider utilizing ISA’s online learning program to cross train or train someone with some relevant experience. ISA Online Learning is an excellent way to receive high-quality training and professional development at a low cost.
The Office of Advocacy’s efforts at monitoring federal agency compliance with the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) resulted in changes to 18 specific rules that reduced the regulatory burden for small business.
Four products that improve efficiency, longevity and creativity of sign, graphics and visual communications projects were named as ISA Innovation Award winners. All four products will be showcased on the tradeshow floor at ISA International Sign Expo® 2019.
The International Sign Association offered two educational sessions for planners at the National Planning Conference April 15-16. ISA's experts were also on hand exhibiting at the conference, offering complementary sign code assistance, research and best practices.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is citing businesses with violations because their digital signs are operating at Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) levels not allowed under federal law and therefore interfering with the wireless spectrum.

Women aspiring for elevated leadership roles in their companies can join in a new initiative, “Women Leading the Industry.” The new initiative will be launched by the International Sign Association with Sign Builder Illustrated magazine at ISA International Sign Expo 2019.

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